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The Hidden Potentials Foundation

First Bank of Nigeria Plc

Account number: 2031448826

Help bring joy this Christmas period

This time of the year can be especially difficult for parents who are struggling to make ends meet.

THPF has started distributing clothes and food items, predominantly in rural areas where food and clothing materials are seen as scarce commodity.

Kori Isa village

Today the people of Kori Isa village understood the true meaning of Christmas, when The Hidden Potentials Foundation visited them with gifts of food and clothing. Everyone was catered for and not a single person left empty handed.


Mrs Nimota Adisa

For Mrs Nimota Adisa her sadness couldn't be relieved with a bag of wheat flour. It was brought to the attention of THPF that she recently lost her husband, and now had to care for 3 children on her own. She was given some amount, THPF has planned to help her establish a small trade as a means of living for her, as well as giving her children an academic scholarship to a certain level in their education.

The plight of these two older women was brought to the notice of THP. They are widows who are caring for their grandchildren, who are orphans. Daily sustenance has been very challenging for them.

"Please help me, I am not a mad man, just a victim of circumstances"

This is Mr Joshua Olatunji, who is poor and homeless. THPF has been assisting him on a regular basis. However it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to move around. What he requires is a good medical attention and caring accommodation. Together, we can make impact and save a soul.